Casino in Baku – Online casino Azerbaijan

Casino in Baku - Online casino Azerbaijan

Casino in BakuA brief history of gambling and casino in Baku. Azerbaijan is a state located between Asia and Europe, which was strongly influenced by the proximity of Turkey, Iran, and Russia. For tourists, this country is very interesting for its culture and ancient traditions. As for gambling entertainment, everything here is not as clear and free as in neighboring Georgia.

Casino in Baku

The Soviet period of history

At the time of Azerbaijan’s entry into the USSR, gambling was banned and local residents could only dream of a legal casino in Azerbaijan.

This is natural since the Soviet government allowed only state lotteries. After gaining independence, the Azerbaijani government began to pursue its own policy regarding the gambling industry.

Casinos in Azerbaijan

The first land-based casinos

The first two casinos in Azerbaijan were opened without the adoption of regulatory laws in 1991. In 1992, a law was passed obliging each casino in Baku to pay a tax of 70% of the profit.

In 1993, gambling was equated with entrepreneurial activity. To open a casino, a package of documents was required, which was collected by ordinary businessmen. In 1994-1996, a large number of gambling houses opened in this country, and in 1996, casino operators need to obtain a license.

Azerbaijan online casinos

A complete ban on gambling in Azerbaijan and the current situation.

In 1999, the government decided to ban gambling and leave only state lotteries. By 2013, sports betting and sweepstakes are developing rapidly. The tax on winnings is canceled. In 2016, a bill on the legalization of casinos is being submitted to the government for consideration.

To date, there is not a single land-based casino in Baku, so many gambling fans turn their attention to Azerbaijan online casinos.

Online casino Azerbaijan

Dawn online casino in Azerbaijan.

There is no law restricting online gambling and online casino Azerbaijan. Therefore, you can safely go to foreign resources and start the reels of slot machines. Of course, you will not find legal casinos of “local spill”, but this is not necessary, because the choice of international clubs is huge.

Before choosing a reliable gambling site, you need to adhere to certain criteria:

– The casino must have an official license with an up-to-date validity period.

– A long period of work is desirable.

– There should be several ways to contact the administration (phone, online support, mail, etc.).

– The casino should use software from reliable developers.

Azerbaijan Casino

– Casinos and the Azerbaijan Casino are required to take the registration of players seriously, the stricter the rules, the more reliable the casino is. In many large institutions, you may be asked for scans of your passport, photos, etc. Do not be afraid, this is necessary for your own safety.

– The selected gambling club should have several ways to top up the deposit and withdraw winnings.

– The larger the range of games, the better.

– Free demo versions are required.

– The site should have a convenient navigation and interface.

– Pay attention to the bonuses and wagering conditions.

Adhering to these simple criteria, you will protect the game from fraud and enjoy gambling at Pin up casino Azerbaijan and our other, licensed casino offers.

Author: George Taylor